White Women Dismantling White Supremacy

World Without Hate  is excited to debut its newest collaborative effort with Arizona State University’s Project Humanities for our first courageous (virtual) conversation on Thursday, August 27th, 6-7:30pm MST.
A discussion among white women about the work and responsibility to dismantle white supremacy.

About this Event

White supremacy is an ideology and worldview and is part of all of us living in this country. While all women are oppressed by the patriarchal values manifested within US society, white women are simultaneously beneficiaries of systemic racism and are therefore complicit in upholding and perpetuating racist ideologies. How can white women leverage their/our position of being both the oppressed and the oppressor in order to dismantle the social hierarchies that perpetuate inequality? In partnership with Project Humanities of Arizona State University. 

This panel discussion will be conducted via Zoom and streamed on Facebook Live with opportunity for audience input. Interested attendees must RSVP via Eventbrite to receive the Zoom Webinar link and password.

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