Empathy Ambassadors

Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training

What: World Without Hate’s signature Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training is a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, development program in which participants discover, or rediscover, and connect, reconnect, or expand how they live and interact in the world, both within and around them. Workshops are fully customized as participants engage in highly participatory and multi-faceted storytelling activities focusing on healthy human development and bridge building through:

  • tangible, action-oriented tools to consciously and authentically extend forgiveness, compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance to self and others
  • the development or redevelopment of social and emotional intelligence
  • broadening and expanding inter and intrapersonal skills
  • conflict resolution, anti-bullying, and “step-in step-up” techniques
  • inclusivity, diversity, equity, and bias training
  • adaptive learning and leadership skills
  • Public narrative to change minds and transform hearts.
  • meaningful, conscious, and effective Allyship

How: Workshops are customizable and can run from one to three days. Each can be designed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Facilitation led by World Without Hate’s Founder & President, Rais Bhuiyan, participants have the extraordinary opportunity to learn and work with this renowned peace activist, human rights advocate, international speaker, non-profit leader, and post 9/11 hate crime survivor. During each workshop, Rais shares his unique story and journey, while also fostering and encouraging individual vulnerability, growth, connection, exploration, action and mobilization as empowered ambassadors and citizens of the world.

Special guest presenters, facilitators, and experts are highlighted and utilized throughout each workshop, especially when focusing or further expanding upon a particular topic or modality.

  • World Without Hate’s highly regarded teaching artists specializing in group facilitation, social work, music therapy, storytelling, adaptive leadership, education, restorative and social justice, and community building.
  • Who: Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training is open and available to ALL who are interested. Our 
  • participants have spanned three continents; comprised of multi-lingual, multi-faith, and multi-cultural backgrounds. Teachers, parents, social workers, faith and community leaders, doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals, camp counselors, students, and professional facilitators have all taken part.

When: Our program is available to all communities, within the United States as well as internationally, throughout the year.

Where:  Anywhere.  Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training and its facilitators come directly to your hometown.

Cost: Per participant cost varies according to program customization, length, and other client needs. Group and organizational rates are available. Scholarships are also provided when possible.

Why: “It is high time for us to denounce ignorance and hate, to work together to create the world we all deserve; a world without fear, a world without violence, a world without victims, and a world without hate.” ~Rais Bhuiyan

2018 Results: Post workshop surveys have revealed that 85% of participants find Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training to be “very impactful,” with 84% noting that they’ve gained valuable new skills to utilize as engaged and conscientious citizens within their communities.     


One recent participant noted that the program “reinforced my belief in humanity.” Another, from Africa, discovered that, “The people who courageously shared their own stories, and shed tears, helped me connect more deeply with my own stories.” Another exclaimed, “So happy you are doing this vital work.”

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  1. I love Rais’s story and what he has done with his experience and it is especially critical in our current/future political climate. I am the mother of two sons. Where does “Empathy Ambassadors” exist? We are in Connecticut. I would love to learn more. Thanks for the important and special work you do. Amy

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