Welcome to a World Without Hate. Through our website, programming, and speaking engagements around the world, we are committed to sharing the transformational power of forgiveness, embracing compassion and mercy, and teaching others the beauty of acceptance and empathy. World Without Hate is a movement, stemming from one man’s journey of survival to hope and healing, cultivating a world that we all want, inspiring a world without hate, a world without violence, a world without victims. 




“We are responsible for one another; we must learn to respect, understand and accept if we want to bring about the world we all deserve – a world without violence, a world without victims and a World Without Hate.”

Rais Bhuiyan, Founder & President




World Without Hate’s Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training Program

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The program asserts the inestimable worth of individuals regardless of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, intellectual ability, economic bracket, etc.  It encourages participants to build bridges among and within disparate communities and to work toward creating a new, vibrant human community which embraces all. Tell me more about Empathy Ambassadors program.

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