Breaking the cycle of hate and violence through empathy education and storytelling.


During this Black History Month, and every month, we must better educate ourselves about the true history of our country so that we may take proper and collective action to end racism,……

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Inspiring a world without violence, a world without victims and a World Without Hate

World Without Hate provides a highly unique and extraordinary platform engaging diverse groups, organizations, and communities in respectful dialogue, storytelling, and empathy education initiatives creating a deeper understanding of ourselves, and the perceived “other,” through the transformative power of forgiveness, compassion, empathy, understanding, and acceptance. We emphasize the importance of individual and collective action, as well as tools and techniques for personal and societal responsibility and leadership.

“We are responsible for one another; we must learn to respect, understand and accept each other if we want to bring about the world we all deserve – a world without violence, a world without victims and a World Without Hate.”

– Rais Bhuiyan,
Founder & President

Combating Hate: Empathy Through Storytelling
He (Rais) had every reason to hate this country and now everything does is to make this country better.~Alex Rozier
Live Event: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center
The True American by Anand Giridharadas.

Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training

World Without Hate’s signature Empathy Ambassadors Leadership Training is a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, development program in which participants discover, or rediscover, and connect, reconnect, or expand how they live and interact in the world, both within and around them. Workshops are fully customized as participants engage in highly participatory and multi-faceted storytelling activities focusing on healthy human development and bridge building


our new program...

National Empathy Ride

Program Summary: Partnering with fellow advocates and organizations across the U.S., World Without Hate’s National Empathy RIde is a curation of courageous, respectful, vulnerable, and honest conversations tackling the roots of hate, addressing stereotypes, and dispelling prejudices by sharing stories and voices of those often cast as “the other.” With increasing threats and hate crime on the rise, we provide counter messaging and tools for collective action and positive social change.

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Rais speaking with refugee children, who wanted to feel the bullet fragments under his skin, from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan during an annual speaking tour for the Community of Sant’Egidio, Wurzburg, Germany, 2016