From Rais

Rais Bhuiyan, WWH Founder

Welcome to our website and our hope for the future of a World Without Hate. We are dedicated to promoting cross-cultural empathy through education and to supporting the victims of the crimes that result when this empathy is lacking. People of disparate religions, economic brackets and cultures are coming together to oppose human abuse in all of its forms. There is reason for vibrant hope.

Our Mission at World Without Hate is to span the globe to help end the cycle of hate and violence with the practice of restorative forgiveness. World Without Hate cultivates compassion, forgiveness and healing as a path toward hate crime prevention through education, community outreach and advocacy.

We believe that the best way to nurture empathy is to share stories of meeting hatred with peace. This helps us to see the world through one another’s eyes. This process — replicated thousands of times — could bring real change, a real movement toward a world without hate.

We want to know the your stories of how forgiveness and compassion have been a force of change in your life. In my case, I have traveled the world talking of the crime that almost cost me my life. In my next post, I’d like to tell a story – a smaller story – that I hope you’ll identify with. In the meantime, I hope you’ll consider sending us your story. You can submit a thought or two using the contact form or, if you would like to submit a guest blog post to be featured here, please email us at