National Empathy Ride

Building Bridges Through Courageous Conversations & Facilitated Dialogue

More than 1,000 hate groups were identified across the United States last year, (a 14% increase since 2015) while white supremacist propaganda distribution increased by an astounding 182%. Perhaps most alarming, hate crimes in counties that held Trump pre-election rallies have risen a whopping 226%. This is the stark reality of the growing hate and divisiveness dividing our country. At World Without Hate, we travel to cities and small towns across America, meeting people going through challenges, living in fear of the “other,” demonstrating a lack of empathy and understanding, angry, stressed, so many searching for change. This is our call to action.

World Without Hate’s National Empathy Ride is our response to these startling statistics and continual front-line throughout the country. Partnering with advocates and organizations at the local level, we will visit communities across the U.S., curating courageous, respectful and honest conversations, that together, will tackle the roots of hate, address misnomers and questions, debunk myths about “the other,” sharing different perspectives and voices along the way. With increasing threats, we provide counter messaging, while examining the roots of hate and violence through open, constructive dialogue and interaction.

Program Goals

Within a safe and neutral environment, we will offer life-long tools to participants:

  • To increase empathy, paving the way for peace, understanding, and acceptance – a cure for hate and violence.
  • To address questions and fears, through stories of shared experiences, how much we have in common.
  • To develop the capacity to see one another as humans first, the key to respecting everyone’s rights & dignity.
  • To serve as a megaphone for local activists and anti-hate organizations, showcasing efforts to connect community, a critical component for continuous dialogue and bridge building.
  • To help people expand their world, proactively promoting the restoration of democracy, coexistence, inclusion, diversity, and respect for human life — driving collective, positive social change.

We utilize the richness and power in our diversity and collective human capacity, overcoming centuries old atrocities plaguing so many–intolerance, discrimination, hate, violence, death. We lead with empathy, understanding the challenges African-Americans, Latinex, Muslims, Jews, Women, the LGBTQIA community, and all who suffer, may not affect us or our loved ones today, but may indeed tomorrow. It’s imperative we build coalitions promoting justice, mutual understanding, equity, and inclusivity to truly know the benefits and power of a peaceful coexistence.

Misinformation runs rampant–from history books to news media–no matter how well intentioned, when humans are involved, facts have a way of running astray. Even well-intentioned individuals walk through life with implicit bias, contributing to the countless inequities, prejudices, and fears dividing communities. Mix this with increasing toxic rhetoric and purposeful falsehoods made by some, including prominent leaders, and the concoction gets dangerous. Our vision is to share positive, fact-based narratives creating a society based on mutual respect, dignity, human rights, and understanding, so all may benefit from the power of what America truly stands for — diversity, inclusion, opportunity, freedom and justice for all.

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