Orlando: I am with you

The recent tragic event in Orlando, FL is truly barbaric, despicable, and an act of pure evil. I am speechless. I am beyond shocked. It has been extremely difficult to find the right words to express how tremendously devastating this terrible hate crime truly is.

I can only speak from my heart; as an American, a Muslim, a peace activist and human rights advocate, and as a hate crime survivor myself. From my experience, I know at this time, I can only offer my profound sympathy to everyone who has been touched by this unspeakable act of violence.  I empathize with the victims, survivors, and their loved ones. Their lives–all lives–should never have ended or forever been altered in such a horrific and tragic way. My deepest, heartfelt condolences go out to the victims, survivors, and everyone whose life got torn apart by this shooting. I am praying that comfort and peace may come.

This incident, yet again (sadly) highlights the need for all people of heart and good conscience to dedicate themselves toward a pursuit of better human behavior, better human relationships, a better world…a world without such hate, intolerance and violence. We should not only mourn as a nation, but also work together, regardless of ethnic and cultural background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or skin color, to make America safe for ALL. We must build bridges among each other. We must embrace one another, our diversity and uniqueness, and our incredibly varied communities.

Please understand that pointing fingers, blaming, or dehumanizing anyone or any group who had nothing to do with this (or any) evil act is not only dangerous, but will further divide an already divided nation and cause even more innocent victims.

I urge us all, I plead, show respect to your fellow human beings, regardless of how angry you are or how much pain and suffering you are enduring in your own life. Please do not take your anger and frustration out on others. Please don’t buy into some media’s discriminatory presumptions. Please remember, though it may seem impossible at the moment, that love conquers hate in the end.

We all deserve a peaceful, respectful, and dignified human life. To help make that possible for everyone, take the time to reach out to family members, friends, or neighbors who may be going through challenges instead of ignoring them. By doing so, we can help save many innocent lives.

With heartfelt condolences,

Rais Bhuiyan

Founder & President

World Without Hate

2 Replies to “Orlando: I am with you”

  1. Tom, I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts. Like you, I never imagined I would live in a society, or time, full of hate, discrimination, ignorance, and violence. I truly believe we can stop this madness IF we really want to, and if we work together by including everyone; not by pointing fingers or demonizing others. But, when we put a label on the perpetrator(s), which is very often done by some media outlets, politicians, and so called leaders (shame on them), things get worse. The actual root cause gets pushed under the rug, as you said.
    Before any real information could be gathered or an investigation could get underway during this latest horrific tragedy, the fore mentioned parties have constantly and incorrectly been using and publicizing the terms “Muslim,” “Islam,” “radical” and “terrorist”, which aren’t used in other similar cases. As you said, mental health is one of the main issues behind many incidents, like the one in Orlando, which if not treated, gets channeled through the muzzle of a gun. I understand your point, that guns aren’t the issue here, but my question is, can we not ban assault rifles from civilians? And pass a universal background check bill, in which everyone who wants to possess a gun can, but will also be screened to prevent the wrong people from getting their hands on weapons? Instead of possessing an assault rife, can we not work harder to carry more love, compassion and care for each other in our hearts and minds? Can we not show mercy, forgiveness and empathy to our fellow human beings, especially when we get angry, disagree, or go through challenges in our own lives?
    Where can we learn more of these qualities? –From our parents, teachers, politicians, leaders? The answer is, all of the above. To your point, I do believe we should raise our voice to the government and healthcare industry to provide effective mental health care. I also think we should call on the media to stop adding fuel to the fire, to stop dividing our society further by spreading more hate through publicity before facts, and to call our leaders to unite our nation regardless of their political views. At the end of the day, we all are Americans, we are all human, and we want to live in peace and safety with our fellow Americans.

  2. The world live in is inevitably racist and also prejudice against humankind. In this world we are forced to act differently because we are different from someone else. I believe in America and have hope that we can make a complete 180 into the right direction. We have to stop looking for solution and be the solution. Rais you’re so inspiring and you are making a huge difference in this world. It is now time for others to try and mirror your image to help the world go in the right direction.

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