Testimonials & Recognition

Rais is the recipient of the following awards and honors for his work with World Without Hate:

  • 2019 Humanity Makers Award by the CAIR Ohio, Cleveland Chapter
  • 2018 ADL Washington DC Kay Family Award & Concert Against Hate Honoree 
  • 2016 Asian Community Leadership Award, Bangladesh Association of Greater Austin, TX
  • 2014 Human Relations Award by The Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation
  • 2014 American Heritage Awards by the American Immigration Council
  • 2011 American of the Year, from Esquire Magazine
  • Search for Common Ground Award from Search for Common Ground
  • 2011 Peace and Justice Award  from Council on American-Islamic Relations
  • Bridge Builder Award from CAIR Texas chapter
  • Excellence for Human Service Award from United for Change
  • Peace Maker of the Year, 2011 from the Dallas Peace Center
  • Badsha Khan Peace Award from the American Muslim Voice Foundation