What would you do if you were shot in the face and left for dead?  Imagine, you are minding your own business when, for no reason you could fathom, a stranger came straight for you, raised a shot gun, aimed it at your face, and pulled the trigger? 

If you survived, what would you do? Would you be able to forgive your attacker? Would you fight to save your shooter from death row?

World Without Hate’s Founder and President, Rais Bhuiyan, did exactly that.

Welcome to a World Without Hate. Through our website, programming, and speaking engagements around the world, we are committed to sharing the transformational power of forgiveness, embracing compassion and mercy, and teaching others the beauty of acceptance and empathy. World Without Hate is a movement, stemming from one man’s journey of survival to hope and healing, cultivating a world that we all want, inspiring a world without hate, a world without violence, a world without victims. 

“In order to create a World Without Hate, we must remember, it cannot be achieved unless a world without hate is first achieved in our hearts and minds. I am dedicated to transforming the human heart, one heart at a time.” 

–Rais Bhuiyan