Mission: World Without Hate is dedicated to eradicating ignorance, hate and violence by empowering people to be kind, empathetic and forgiving; striving to create a more just and accepting world for all.


Vision: To help build a better world for all, focusing on growing empathy through human development, while building bridges among one another, resulting in a world without victims, a world without violence and a world without hate. 


Values: Through interactive, collaborative and engaging conversations, discussions and programming, individuals of all ages have the unique opportunity to explore the transformative power of World Without Hate’s five core principles of forgiveness, compassion, empathy, understanding and acceptance.

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  • Arturo Sermeno

    There is no room for hate and violence in this world. So many people are suffering because they hate what someone has done to them and subsequently are not able to find peace in their lives. I pray your cause will ignite our hearts to forgive and be examples for others.

  • Rebecca

    Thank you Rais, for being the wonderful person you are. Thank you to your parents for raising you to be a loving forgiving person you are. I just heard your story for the first time on CBS Sunday morning. I am very inspired by you to love humanity deeper. Thank you.

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