Brian Levenson Podcast:                             Parkland, FL
“Rais Bhuiyan on Working with Enemies”

             Brian Levenson                   Parkland FL


A World Without Hate Luncheon at the Seattle Rotary

NBC’s King 5 News, Seattle
King 5.5








  • Tracey Larsen

    Good morning!
    I watched your story on CBS Sunday Morning today (Culture). I would love to show it to my 8th grade students, but cannot find a link to the video anywhere.
    Wondering if it is available?

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Marty Cormier

    Thank you for choosing love and reminding all that love, as hate … and any other emotion on the continuum, is a choice.

  • John Chinhdamat

    What an amazing man you are. God bless your organization and all the people you have helped.

  • wwhadmin

    Hi Tracey,
    I hope you are well. Thank you for reaching out to us. Here is the link to the episode to share with your students

    Best wishes,

  • I watched your story on CBS Sunday Morning. I am doing research on your website for my blog. I am highlighting inspiring people and stories to counteract the hateful rhetoric we have been experiencing. I was touched deeply by your story and need stories like yours to feel hopeful. Thank you so much for demonstrating the power of love and compassion in your own life. You are a powerful role model in a world that sorely needs your example.

  • Muhammad Akmal

    You had a choice, to go for revenge or be merciful and you traded the Jannah with Almighty ALLAH The Most Merciful. What a great transaction this is. May ALLAH keep us on the right path and give us strength to bring back the lost humanity. Ameen

  • Md Mahmudul Islam

    I just read your story & watched the videos, I feel really proud as a Bangladeshi muslim who lives in America. The world may be at its darkest hour but I still feel hopeful with power of love & mercy. Thanks for being the INSPIRATION which is really required to ignite love & mercy.

  • Syed Muzakkir Ahmed

    Its nice to see your remarkable contribution to the humanity. It is also an eye opening to many about true Islam. I am surprised to see you. I was recalling Gentleman Cadet Rias, back in the year of 1993, my first term platoon mate and room mate in military academy of home country. Best wishes. Keep going. Sky should be your limit.

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